Whether you were gazing at a steel monument exhibition in Prague, contemplating Stainless steel sculptures and flowers in Tokyo, checking the scoreboard while Participating in an international Grand Prix race in Qatar, or amazed by the abundant steel pieces of art In Lebanon, you can notice that the common factor between all these projects is their birthplace: G.S.I.

Gebco Steel Industry s.a.r.l. is well known for their qualified Crew and their progressed equipments; accordingly, these two Dynamic aspects allowed the company to design and execute Any sort of steel creation and achieve every style of steel composition. Moreover, the industry’s commitment to their first-class performance earned them, besides their excellent reputation, the trust of several clients from different nationalities. This page and its following Data is going to shed the light over the high-quality projects that G.S.I. accomplished throughout its 11 years of experience and hard work.


  • Steel Structure:

1   Banque de Liban et d’Outre-Mer – B.L.O.M Headquarter - Verdun.
2   Swimming – Pool roof covering - Villa Dagher - Beit Chebab.
3   Lift steel cage at Casador Hôtel.
4   Exhibition of sculptures- Nadim KARAM in Prag and Beirut.
5   Fire escape staircase at Libancell Headquarter.
6   Erection of P.S.T.N tower H=46m at Mazraat El Chouf.
7   Roof Structure with red- Tiles-Mashnouk Residence-Dhour El Chouer.
8   Swimming pool steel covering at MZAAR2000 à Oyoun EL Siman.
9   Roof Structure with red tiles -Centre Médico-Social - Reyfoun.
10   Cascata Restaurant à Jezzine: Complete steel skeleton.
11   Composite floors for nursery and restaurant at MZAAR2000 Hotel.
12   Warehouse for TRANSMED at Shoueifat .
13   Suspended restaurant floor- Centre Libatel.
14   Stainless steel skeleton for skylight at PHARAON Residence .
15   Steel entrance canopy (curved geometry) at Port de Beyrouth.
16   Steel trusses for elevations at BLOM II- Verdun.
17   Steel skeleton for skylights at BLOM II- Verdun.
18   Stainless steel and painted steel staircases-BLOM II- Verdun.
19   Stainless steel skeletons for Nadim Karam’s sculptures at London and Japan.
20   Helicoidally staircase for ALBINALI Company-Saudi Arabia.
21   Fire escape staircase at LAU-BYBLOS Campus.
22   Installation of steel skeleton for entrance dome – HABTOOR GRAND HOTEL.
23   Installation of steel monorail skeleton – HABTOOR LAND.
24   Qatar Motorcycle Grand Prix Race Track / Score Board H=30m.
25   Cimenterie Nationale –Chekka, Lift cage skeleton.
26   Bou-Merhi boat / Reparation of all steel and stainless steel items.
27   Aishti Headquarter- Solidere – DIEZEL Bldg, Stainless Steel Stair.
28   AISHTI GALLERY –Jal-El-Dib-Steel skeletons for Elevations and Canopies.
29   Dalla’a Hospital Panoramic lift cage.
30   Lycée Franco-Libanais –Swimming Pool covering structure.
31   Clemenceau Medical Center, Mechanical floor (Steel).
32   Aishti Building/Solidère Galvanized Pergolas and Miscellaneous works.
33   Pain d’or lift cage skeleton & steel Staircase/Bchamoun.
34   Roof Structure with red tiles –VILLA CHAMMAS-Amioun.
35   Steel Chassis for new vessels –BRASSERIE ALMAZA.

  • Metallic works:

36  Brass doors for Hard Rock café-Ein El Mraysseh.
37  Guitars and plates in Brass for Hard Rock café-Amman and Dubai.
38  Fences for the parking of Libancell Headquarter.
39  Fences and entrance door at Beirut Port.
40  Louvered panels at OUSSAILE Building.
41  Doors and windows protections in different projects.
42  Stainless steel cladding for BLOM Headquarter – Extension
43  Stainless steel accessories and frames for glazed and spidered      elevations –LMV(French company le mur en verre) in BLOM project.
44  Fences on roof for Coral beach-SHERATON HOTEL.
45  Decorative stainless steel cladding.
46  Stainless steel tables and decorative accessories–MedCafé Rest–      Beirut Down Town.

  • Wrought Iron:

47  Balustrades, Villa Marc Dagher à Beit Chabab.
48  Balustrades at Villa Mashnouk- Dhour El Choueir.
49  Balustrades at Résidence Boustany- Faqra Club.
50  Stainless steel balustrades at Libancell Headquarter.
51  Stainless steel balustrades for the swimming- Pool- ELMADA Bldg.
52  Stainless steel balustrades for BLOM II- Banque de Liban et d’Outre –Mer.

I. Banque Liban et d’Outre- Mer

Title : Banque Liban et d’Outre-Mer Headquarter Extension -VERDUN
Client : B.L.O.M
Architect : Pierre EL KHOURY & Partners
Consultants:   Bureau Mr.Michel CHACAR
& CAD (Mr. Jean –Pierre VALLUIY )
General Contractor : Société d’Entreprises A.R.HOURIE
Scope of Works : Steel Structures, Elevations, Main Stainless steel staircases, fire escape staircase, Skylights and stainless steel balustrades for whole project.
- Design of whole structures including connections design.
- Supply, fabricate and erect the steel elements
- Supply, fabricate and install the curved corrugated sheets
For roof covering
- Supply and install brushed stainless steel balustrades
Total project value: : 945 000 $
Effective work period: : (Fabrication and erection):
January 2000     →     August 2001

Title : Banque Liban et d’Outre-Mer Headquarter-VERDUN Steel Structures.
Client : B.L.O.M
Architect : Pierre EL KHOURY & Partners
Consultants:   Bureau Mr.Michel CHACAR
& CAD (Mr. Jean –Pierre VALLUIY )
General Contractor : Société d’Entreprises A.R.HOURIE
Steel Structure Engineer : BEEM – Mr. Jihad AOUN
Scope of Works : Steel Structures, Elevations, Helicoidal Staircase and Skylights. - Supply, fabrication and erection of the different structures.
Total project value : 650 000 U.S.D
Effective work period : 10 Months (1996)

II. Port De Beyrouth


Title : Steel curved canopy at main entrance of “Port de Beyrouth”
Client : Port de Beyrouth
Architect : Dr. Nadim KARAM
Consultants:   Dar El Handasah- Shaer & Partners
General Contractor : Société d’Entreprises A.R.HOURIE
Steel Structure Engineer : BEEM – Mr. Jihad AOUN
Scope of Works : - Design of whole structures
- Supply, fabricate and erect the steel elements: curved
trusses, horizontal trusses and purlins.
- Supply, fabricate and install the curved corrugated sheets
for roof covering
Total project value : 164 000 $
Effective work period :

(Fabrication and erection):

June  2001   November 2001


Title : LYCEE FRANCO-LIBANAIS (Stade de Shayla) Swimming-pool cover – Steel structure
Client : GHAUSH Construction
Architect : B.E.T.E.C
Scope of Works : Curved and architectural Steel structure covering the swimming pool
- Design the steel skeleton
- Supply, fabricate and erect the steel trusses and purlins
Total project value : 60000$
Effective work period :

August 2003 till November 2003

IV. Metropolitan City Center

Client : Alumco
Main Contractor : A.C.C
Scope of Works : Banquet Hall Dome
Fabricate and Install the steel skeletons, designed in London.
Total project value : 150000$
Effective work period :

October 2004 till January 2005