Staff and Crew:
  • Engineers

  • Experienced and reputable engineers are actually stably employed at Gebco Steel Industry s.a.r.l. 3 different positions and responsibilities are given to these engineers; project manager, design and site engineers.

  • Major Technicians and Trade Foremen, Main Foremen, and Acad Draftsmen

  • G.S.I. has one major skilled and qualified technician and trade foreman, 3 main Foremen and whose positions differ from shop works supervisor to stainless steel works supervisor to rooting and cladding supervisor. All these employees are actually stably employed at G.S.I. (Full Time). In addition to these essential elements of this firm, there are 2 Acad Draftsmen who are responsible for the supervision of the projects, managing the firm, and taking care of every little detail in any of the previous mentioned departments of the company.

    • Accountants

    There is a fair number of university graduate accountants who works at G.S.I s.a.r.l. These accountants have to undergo a profound and supervised training before being acknowledged as employees. This process is a must in order to avoid undesired problems and obstacles.

    • There are more than 50 employees of numerous nationalities and who work at our firm.
    • Major Suppliers

    List of major supplies/subcontractors regularly engaging with our firm & related to each of the following items:

    3. NAJJAR
    5. KNIO

    • IT Status

    G.S.I. is also known for its IT department which is Characterized by the usage of developed and modern PC terminals which have direct access to the internet; it allows the employees to surf the internet and facilitates the accomplish- ment of daily processes. The most common software systems used at the firm are the following:
    Word, Excel, Staad-Pro, Robot-Bat Millenium, Primavera-Planner, Autocad 2

    • We fully perform our works.
    • We have 3 shops of total area which is approximately 1150m2.
    • Total number of vehicles (Brand, model, Age, weight load) serving at our firm: 4.